Life is long. As a child of the ‘60s, I had a burning life-long desire to discover the “Purpose of Life.” I gravitated from Tuckahoe  (an village in Westchester County, New York) to Santa Cruz, California the summer after college graduation. After receiving  “Knowledge” from a mahatma of Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaji) in London,  I began a life-long meditation practice, became a vegetarian and eventually made my way to San Francisco. It was an exciting and pivotal time for us all.

In San Francisco, I was one of several cofounders of RAINBOW GROCERY AND GENERAL STORE, and Rainbow’s very-first dry-goods buyer. Advocating many popular staples still available there today, I was a core voice in expanding our 16th Street storefront a couple of doors down to include Rainbow General Store. My interest in healthy food and lifestyles began with Adele Davis, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, in my undergraduate years at University of Bridgeport, in Connecticut. As a result,  from day one, I championed organic products in every department. All these years later, I’m proud that RAINBOW is respected around trhe world as one of the most successful people’s food collectives and still serves the local San Francisco community.

Around the time Rainbow opened, I was involved in musical and community theater, and taught dance to children and adults. When I moved to SoCal, I continued performing, doing TV-and-film stints and teaching movement and modeling with a group of friends who traveled the world as The Rainbow Gypsies. Through my own “Dance Trance Fusion”classes and performances in SoCal and NorCal (a combo of tap, ballet for the non-dancer, jazz, yoga, etc.) adults and children opened up to their inner dancer.

I studied Lomi Lomi Massage, with Auntie Margaret on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I was offered respite from friends to convalesce as a cervical cancer survivor, which  resulted ten years after having a stainless steel majzlin spring IUD removed. Recommended by a local Santa Cruz women’s clinic, when I was first married, it was later recalled because it tended to imbed into the cervix. The Good News when I returned to the mainland, was that I left all thoughts of cancer behind to become “massage therapist to the stars” in Malibu.

As a teacher, I’ve researched, studied and taught Astrological Awareness, Insights and Motivation (AAIM) on and off camera since 1987, when I walked out of a used book shop in with five books on astrology. I was director of a metaphysical retreat center in Colorado Springs that summer of the original Harmonic Convergence, the publics first intro to the Mayan Calendar. When I returned to Malibu, I  became Behavior Breakthrough Trainer for Nutri-Systems Weight Loss Centers throughout Ventura county, where I got to teach hundreds of clients as a counselor and soon after, as area trainer, to support Behavior and Nutritional Counselors  in empowering their clients’ success.