Holo Tree Metaphysical Store at Portal to Ascension Conference

The Holo Tree

Come and see the debut of the Holo Tree Online Metaphysical Store. Each of our vendors are hand selected and vetted. We are in alignment with their products and awareness.

Earth Defense

Earth Defense Headquarters

Earth Defense Headquarters, EDH, is an educational nonprofit for science, education, and creative arts. The EDH booth will feature reports re: Secret Space Program, alien species, UFOs, cryptozoology, and extraterrestrial science, Also available: drawings of raptors and DVDs of talks given by Exec. Dir. Jo Ann Richards.

Amethys Biomat Portal to Ascension Conference

The Biomat Store

Offering free healing sessions on the Biomat by Richway Fuji Bio. The Biomat is an advanced Far-Infrared and Negative Ion therapy pad that utilizes the transcendent healing energy of Amethyst Crystals. The Biomat is being used for relief from pain, injuries, inflammation, and chronic issues, as well as for stress, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD. Used and recommended by medical professionals worldwide such as MDs, naturopaths, psychologists, and physical therapists, the Biomat is a proven tool for recovery, rejuvenation, and even meditation.

Sandy Aromatouch therapy and doterra

Sandy Chasteen: Essential Oils & Aromatouch Therapy

Holistic Health Coach Sandy Chasteen will be providing education and experiential opportunities using doTERRA essential oils. Her passion is helping people understand the emotional and spiritual core issues underlying our physical issues of dis-ease and using tools and a variety of healing modalities to bring the body back in to balance. She will show you how to combine the chemistry of essential oils along with the power of human touch with Aromatouch experiences. Participants can experience the hand massage technique or schedule a session for a 45-minute full body experience. The Aromatouch Technique is the clinical, therapeutic application of 8 different essential oils to promote grounding and relaxation throughout the body while boosting the immune response, supporting a healthy inflammatory response and helping the body create a higher level of homeostasis. She will also be providing bio-impedance scans and personal consultations for wellness and emotional balancing using essential oils and a few basic energy healing modalities to increase your awareness about the power of essential oils for our body, mind and spiritual well-being.

Power Spots EMF protection

Power Spots - 21st Century Health

We offer products that mitigate the harmful electromagnetic radiations emitted from the cell phones and wireless devices. These innovative technologies alter the energies being emitted from electronic equipment and provide effective solutions.
Meet Drs. Elizabeth and Marcus Plourde, the authors of EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution. Discover why we should be concerned and what can be done to mitigate the impact from wireless device.

949 551-3397

Sacred Friends Sacred Geometry Pendants

Sacred Geometry Pendants

Samuel Kiwasz has been vending Sacred Geometry products and also teaching Sacred Geometry Awareness for years. The art work at his booth is awe inspiring, powerfu0 and higher vibrational. Go and visit samuel and see the wide range of activation jewerly and miron glass containers.