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Jordan Sather

Disclosure - ALL or Nothing

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The goal of what I do is to act as an agent of consciousness evolution. I utilize the connective magic of the internet to share empowering information that people can use to find their own innate potential. From health, to physics, to history and more, there is a massive relearning curve that we all need to do, and I am here to assist with that.

My story begins when I was young. I was interested in the way things work. I had weather books, astronomy books, and the “how stuff works” books and would study them intensely, always curious about why things were the way they were.

Then, once I graduated high school and went to college, something wasn’t sitting right with me with what I was learning there. I had zero interest in my studies, and much more interest in playing soccer and chasing girls. During that time, I picked up a job making smoothies at a local health food store, and proceeded to drop out of college to work there.

I worked my way through the ranks into working sales and ended up managing the store. It goes to note, this wasn’t your average meat-headed-sports-nutrition and fake-supplement-sales store. They had amazing medicines, fantastic education, and my eyes were opened to deep realities about our healthcare and pharmaceutical systems that very few people at my age understood.

After working at that business and learning an amazing amount of information, circumstances saw to it that I left and continued on my path elsewhere. I then worked a couple other filler jobs, personal training and other health related endeavors, until I finally quit everything and began on the truth sharing path via the internet.

Let’s backstep this for a second to bring it full circle. During my time at the first health food store, not only was I awakening to the realities of our healthcare system, but I delved into the truth of every subject I could find. Not only health, but the corruption in our financial and political systems, the realities behind the UFO phenomenon, the lies we are told from our media and education institutions and all else. I was hungry for all the truth I could find, and I’m still hungry for it.

So upon starting my YouTube channel, I found it to be my responsibility to honorably share this information and my personal experience in how it was transforming me with the world, in order to help the world transformation itself.

We are in an evolution of consciousness on this planet. The world is changing because it HAS to. If it doesn’t, we will fail. We are in chaotic times due to these changes. I am acting as the most proficient agent I can to assist with this ascension of humanity. Help me destroy the illusion that is holding us back!


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Oct 7, 20185:00PM6:15PMDisclosure - ALL or Nothing