Teresa Yanaros from Divine Frequency

Teresa Yanaros

Expand Your Consciousness Toward Self-Mastery

Talk Description

Travel with Teresa through the Major Arcana Archetypes to Engage in your very own Life-Review and expand your consciousness toward Self-Mastery.

This Earthly experience IS your Portal to Ascension! Did you know that you can actually jump-start the ascension process through the magic of focusing attention and intention?
Your consciousness is your tool, and through metacognition (thinking about thinking) you can activate your DNA and expand your experience in a powerful way!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What an archetype is and why it matters to your soul development process
  • The different spheres of consciousness and how your soul develops towards actualization
  • Tips and tricks on transmutation of limiting belief systems in order to achieve your greatest version!
  • The best part of this webinar is that it’s an active workshop- you will actually engage in an assessment/review of your own experiences as we travel through the archetypes.

How Does This Workshop Work?
By shining your light of consciousness on your experience, you open up the door of your mind and unlock potential to tackle your obstacles and dreams head on. In order for the collective to ascend, we’ve got inner work to do! And that is what community is for. Let’s do this together.


Teresa Yanaros, advocate for spiritual enlightenment, shares research and inspirational perspectives through her media project "Divine Frequency" and provides spiritual coaching to assist the co-creative consciousness in manifesting a positive future. Teresa's family was stationed at RAF Woodbridge during the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Due to this fact and her military and spiritual upbringing, Teresa has always had an intense passion for researching UFOs, government conspiracies, and spiritual topics. As a multi-media enthusiast and writer with a passion for uncovering the truth behind the headlines, Teresa graduated from UTA with a BA in Journalism. She taught English and Computers, served as a technical editor in the nuclear industry, was lead copy/content editor for a published book, and then moved into software development. She began to explore her passion for professional training through creation of original workshops that presented complex material in easy-to-understand ways, and inspired collective growth company wide.

Around the age of 25, she wrote a book, started her very own media project, and began to share her energy, passion and insights with souls across the world. Recent work: Corey Goode interview, world premiere exclusive interview with Stacy Goode, Wife of SSP insider Corey Goode, and field journalism piece featuring the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Her bubbly personality, down-to-Earth perspective, and genuine curiosity serve as a springboard for her projects: one-on-one spiritual coaching, interviews, research projects, dissemination of disclosure/outing of deep state atrocities, and collaboration with the Full Disclosure Project and other souls aligned with her vision of actively seeking a positive future for the co-creative consciousness.


DateStartEndEvent Name
Oct 7, 201811:00AM12:30PMExpand Your Consciousness Toward Self-Mastery