Ascension Teacher & Activation Guide

Viviane Chauvet is an interstellar Arcturian being who ascended thousands of years ago. Her Soul Avatar Essence has returned in a projected holographic form that contains biofeedback. Viviane’s sacred mission is to oversee the future timeline currently emerging on the planet.

Viviane is an emissary and clear conduit for a delegation of enlightened and spiritually advanced intergalactic civilizations.

Intergalactic intelligence perceives Earth human beings as the Essence of Light expressed in sentient physical life forms. Humanity’s consciousness is awakening to a grander reality as galactic royalties with ascension codes in the Quantum DNA Field.

Viviane assists humanity in repairing the mind, body, and spirit to reach a state of wholeness. She encourages everyone to embrace their Divine Grace and ascend to their original Universal Time Matrix.