Ascension Medicine with Dr. Rhiannon

Each person has an individual, acoustic (sound) wave which is unique to them, like a fingerprint. Your unique sound wave, is believed to direct the electro-magnetics of each cell as it aligns you to create your physical body. This sound wave can be propagated automatically through your body to help you to align physically and ascend emotionally to fulfill your destiny as a torch-holder for humanity. As you align to your wave, you automatically release the traumas, pain, and cultural identities that are inauthentic and achieve vast connection, energy, rapturous emotions and synchronicity with the zero-point energy field.
These wave-releasing techniques (by Dr. Rhiannon Hutton, DC, MAOM) are used by many successful people such as Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra in conjunction with hypnosis, NLP, and sacred biology (by Cia Enos, MS) to achieve unforeseen results in abundance, physical and emotional health, and to accomplish collective emergent experiences between humanity, the planet and the field. 
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*Open-Source Abundance and Ascension Medicine operate as a non-profit organization bringing health, abundance, and beauty to the planet and all beings
Well Being Creator Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Amazing benefits that helps relieving tension and pain caused by texting and typing! It also works as a part of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and numbness in fingers, rheumatoid arthritis, joint issues, and etc. Here are 10 other benefits using the Guardian Angel®.

  1. Increases Energy
  2. Revives brain cells as well as improves your memory
  3. Improves your resistance to stress and diseases
  4. Improves blood circulation
  5. Controls blood pressure
  6. Improves your concentration
  7. Tones up your muscles as well as organs
  8. Improves the quality of your skin
  9. Relief from any soreness
  10. The easiest and most effective way to guarantee your well being

Spiritual Lifeguard

Divine Feminine is The Shadow Self, the masculine version, "darkness" or the Yin to its counterpart of "light" or the Yang. When the two join we have the manifestation "the son" that comes into form. All three aspects identify the Holy Trinity, a Goddess energy as The Source. Originally we all were a part of The Source, at which time we had no vessel body, soul, or even memory, we existed as self-awareness alone; the shadow self. The beginning of self-realization is accessing the shadow self, without this process fulfilling a limitless ascension is impossible. We offer an Apprenticeship MasterClass to access the shadow self and fulfill your Limitless Ascension.

Full Body Aura Chakra Imaging

Center For Well Being

Mary Delano Otis offers Aura Chakra Imaging, which gives you comprehensive insights into the mystery of you.  A powerful tool for conscious living, that allows you to build a bridge to your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection.  Gain deeper Wisdom and Knowledge with detailed information allowing you to take control of your emotional and mental states, health and spiritual well being.

Full Body Aura Chakra Imaging

Your Session Includes:

  • Aura Chakra Image
  • Interpretive Reading
  • 12 or 22 Page Detailed Printed Report
  • Individualized Color Analysis
  • Comprehensive Personality Profile
  • Quintessence Card Reading
  • Session Recorded Live To CD

Mary is the author of Guide To Conscious Living...Back To Basics.  She is also the creator of Quintessence Oracle Cards, a divinity deck that helps you connect with Spirit.  Mary is the facilitator of the Ascension Seasonal Retreats and Re-Creating Your Life Seminar.   She travels the country sharing her years of experience and training in Personal Growth, Transformation and Vibrational Healing.  

No High CBD Vendor


If you suffer from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, are at risk for cancer or diabetes, you've come to the right place! NoHiCBD is ready to help with whatever physical or health problems you may be facing.

Aaron Michael Pyne

Aaron Michael Pyne is a multi-dimensional energy healer, spiritual teacher, light language activator, & visionary artist. He brings over 15 years (and many lifetimes) of experience and training to assist you in your healing, transformation, and spiritual evolution. His unique gifts allow him to tap into energetic blockages that are causing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and distortions in your system. With his spiritual guidance, extensive trauma, pain, and restrictive patterns can be rapidly cleared from your entire system. Once cleared, you begin to blossom into the true being that you were always meant to be...healthy, radiant, joyful, powerful, connected, and filled with the eternal love of the Divine. Aaron will also be showcasing a variety of his Visionary Art designs & products that serve as portals to multi-dimensional reality.

Kasey and Brad Wallis

Xpansion Network

Kasey and Brad recently created Xpnsion Network, to allow for further sharing of their gifts and collaborating with others to share personal stories and extraordinary experiences.

Through their programs, retreats, online courses, and personal readings, they guide and support people in eliminating judgement, resistances and lack in their life. Kasey and Brad (and the energy known as Julius that comes through to teach and guide) assist people to heal themselves, offer online classes as well as their latest workshop, R-Factoring, using unique techniques that heal repeated, negative patterns for people on a neurological level.

Kasey and Brad have been interviewed on over 400 media outlets. They have been featured guests on TV, such as CNN, Fox News, NBC, and ABC, as well as on radio, Telesummits, podcasts, and as key speakers at consciousness expos.

Quantum Stones

Quantum Stones

At Quantum Stones, our vision is simple and we believe that knowledge is the beginning of true empowerment and fostering the mind/body/spirit connection. Our primary intention is to make this potentially life-transforming quantum stone technology and collaborating meditations available to anyone who seeks to:

  • Recognize their true potential as a co-creator of their own reality.
  • Discover a higher state of wellbeing and consciousness.
  • Clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting their vital force.
  • Promote Ayurvedic harmony and balance.
  • Raise their frequency and vibrations.
  • Achieve self-actualization in inner universal clarity.
  • Experience their full potential as collective beings in the universe.

We are bombarded daily with emotional choices, work decisions, and without being aware of it, we are also exposed to harmful radiation, electromagnetic fields, and negative psychic energies. These and many other incidents contribute to the misalignment of our chakras, or auric energy fields. When this occurs, your vital energy suffers along with your emotional and physical well being.

Sacred Friends Sacred Geometry Pendants

Sacred Geometry Pendants

Samuel Kiwasz has been vending Sacred Geometry products and also teaching Sacred Geometry Awareness for years. The art work at his booth is awe inspiring, powerfu0 and higher vibrational. Go and visit samuel and see the wide range of activation jewerly and miron glass containers.

Holo Tree Metaphysical Store at Portal to Ascension Conference

The Holo Tree

Online Metaphysical Store

The Holo Tree specializes in personal items such as crystals, pendants, and other energy tools that have been treated with frequencies to enhance the therapeutic effects. The Holo Tree carries brands such as Quantum Stones, Quantum Crystal Talismans, and Divine Matrix Creations. Quantum Crystal Talismans are unique, handcrafted crystal pendants with harmonious combinations of crystals that amplify beneficial healing frequencies up to 3 feet. With their LightShield™ process, Quantum Stones pendants are scientifically proven to raise the wearer’s vibrations, and auric testing has shown that they can aid in realigning one’s chakras to a harmonious, more balanced state. Divine Matrix Creations; Custom paintings, handmade jewelry, magical accessories and energetic devices.

Sandy Aromatouch therapy and doterra

Sandy Chasteen: Essential Oils & Aromatouch

Holistic Health Coach Sandy Chasteen will be providing education and experiential opportunities using doTERRA essential oils. Her passion is helping people understand the emotional and spiritual core issues underlying our physical issues of dis-ease and using tools and a variety of healing modalities to bring the body back in to balance. She will show you how to combine the chemistry of essential oils along with the power of human touch with Aromatouch experiences. Participants can experience the hand massage technique or schedule a session for a 45-minute full body experience. The Aromatouch Technique is the clinical, therapeutic application of 8 different essential oils to promote grounding and relaxation throughout the body while boosting the immune response, supporting a healthy inflammatory response and helping the body create a higher level of homeostasis. She will also be providing bio-impedance scans and personal consultations for wellness and emotional balancing using essential oils and a few basic energy healing modalities to increase your awareness about the power of essential oils for our body, mind and spiritual well-being.

Kala Imports

Kala Imports

Kala Imports LLC is a small Family owned and operated company.

  • Our mission is to raise awareness and encourage the practice of fair trade ethics with all of our vendors and Customers.
  • We thrive to provide excellent service to our customers.
  • Having fun meeting with different walks of life.
  • Presence in Yoga Festivals, Fairs, Trade shows for Wholesale, New Age Shows.
  • Providing Festival and Spiritual Clothing, Accessories, jewelry, Gift items,Incense, Singing Bowls so and so on.
  • We believe in Fair quality of products with Fair prices.
  • Supporting Small and Cottage industries as much as we can in different part of the world.
The Living Temple Huntington Beach

The Living Temple

Robin Arthur Jones has delved into and has been researching Health, Nutrition and Freethinking Information since 1995. After learning and adopting new diets, practices and ways of thinking he began to share his knowledge with the community around him.  He opened up what is now The Living Temple in 1998.  Today, The Living Temple is in it’s sixth location in Huntington Beach.  Each time the store has moved, the space has grown in size and our community has continued to grow.  Today it continues to expand the minds, hearts, and connection of people throughout Southern California.  You can meet speakers on topics from Health and Nutrition to Ancient Civilizations and Spirituality on a regular basis.  You can come to watch inspiring and unique movies.  You can enjoy a Raw Food Festival.  You can come to learn or just, to stock the high energy products to sustain yourself, or just share in the community of great people.

Farm Fresh 2 You

We bring the season's best mix of 100% certified-organic produce and hand-crafted farm products conveniently to your door by growing and partnering with local farms and artisans. Each delivery comes with news from our family farm, delicious recipes, quick tips and the option to customize your box online — we bring our farmers market booth to you!

Our hope is that the price Americans pay for food will someday reflect the real cost of producing it: the stewardship required to make sure that the land will remain fertile and productive, the health and benefits necessary to maintain an active labor force, a strong rural community, and a profit margin that will provide the incentive for people like us to spend every waking moment producing food and fiber for the rest.

Tara Rasta at Ascension Conference

Dr. Tara Rasta D.C.

Dr. Tara Rasta is a chiropractor who specializes in both Functional Medicine and Network Spinal Analysis in an effort to break people away from physical & emotional pain. This combination of techniques helps her patients find emotional, physical and spiritual release from underlying postural holding patterns, nutritional deficiencies, tensions and traumas. Dr. Rasta us passionate to turn your pain into progress and ignite your human potential so we can create a wonderful world together.

Sacred Geometry Healing Fernando Audrey

Sacred Geometry Healing

Fernando uses his hand built Sacred Geometry tools, multiple energetic healing techniques, crystals, intuition, and sound healing to guide you through a mystical experience of positive transformation.

We are Audrey and Fernando, two artists coming together to share our passion for Sacred Geometry through our energy power pieces. Divinely guided, it is our pleasure to offer you an opportunity to take in more light, more love, and an abundance of white light energy into yourself and your space. Our life purpose is to bring love, healing, wisdom, peace, and truth to ourselves and humanity. This is why all of our energy tools, our Sacred Geometry art, resonate with these principles.

-Activate Your Lightbody

-Align Your Chakras

-Harmonize Your Frequencies

-Transmute Negative Energy

-Cleanse Your Aura

As you sit inside the 7ft copper Merkaba you may feel a deep sense of love and peace. Many people experience a strong sensation of releasing, the letting go of that which no longer serves them or negative and stagnant energies.