Join us for our 5th Annual PTA Conference in which we will dive deep into esoteric awareness, ancient history, the truth of an interdimensional reality and the Extraterrestrial presence. As the galactic energy shifts and hidden truths are uncovered, we are piecing together the fragmented parts of our existence to create full circle awareness on the truth of who we are and remembrance of our connection to the cosmos. This gathering is intended to be one of connection, support, wisdom, education, and upliftment. Come to San Diego, California this April to be a part of this milestone gathering as we awaken to our true potential

Marina Village Conference Center
San Diego, California

Friday – Sunday
April 21 – 23, 2022

Uncover Your True World History & Timeline​

History has been written and re-written by the victors. Archaeological evidence has been discovered for the past few decades, and beyond, that challenges the conventional timeline of what we have been taught in our history books and educational system. The concept that we are the most advanced humanity has ever been, is now being reconsidered. At PTAC 2022 we will be featuring some of the individuals that have contributed greatly to a new understanding of our ancient past so that we can learn from our ancestors; as well as realize the depth and interconnectedness of our human experience on planet Earth.

Extraterrestrial Existence & UFO Disclosure

It has been confirmed and validated by governing agencies, military personal and actual experiencers who have connected or interacted with Extraterrestrial / Interdimensional life. At this point, it is harder to disprove that alien life exists than it is to prove it. There are countless declassified mind-blowing documents that shed light on the fact that we have been visited for many years, maybe even thousands of years or possibly since the beginning of human life on Earth. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than most realize. Information is surfacing about our connection to the cosmos and our ancestry to other worldly beings. What will happen as this information is disclosed? What can we expect in a world where everyone knows the truth of ET life? And how can we create and manifest this reality through harmony and unity?

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