Our Metamorphosis…

Knowledge, Wisdom & Truth Revealed

There is ancient understanding about our true creation, hidden from us for thousands of years, written in our DNA coding and the crystals of Earth. As the knowledge arises within us we begin to awaken and re-member the truth, moving us toward self realization and enlightenment – the consciousness of ONE. The Lemurians, Atlanteans, Mayans, Egyptians, Druids and other ancient ones understood this. Come and discover the hidden coding that lies within YOU and give your soul a wake up call.


Laurie D. Wheeler, owner of WellnessWithin, is a transformational holistic practitioner, homeopath, psychic, channel, hypnotic-regression, medical intuit and shamanic practitioner who helps by enhancing the ability to fully re-member our divine being through the disintegration of what no longer serves, moving into a heart-centered perspective and becoming infused with the light of wisdom.

Her thought leadership is transformational utilizing various modalities such as speaking the Language of Light, accessing the energy and wisdom of sacred geometry, activates and recalibrating dormant DNA to the original blueprint. Her soul is an aspect of her collective Arcturian, Lemurian, Egyptian, Magdelena, and multidimensional lineage, offering her guidance and wisdom in assisting her clients to discover their truth and access their power. Laurie is a receptor, transmitter and translator of energy, which allows her to actually perceive and understand the patterns and affects on DNA.

As a Starseed, receptor, translator of energy, Laurie works with numerous Inter-Dimensionals from The Emissaries of Light, Extraterrestrials, the Arcturian Commander of the Starfleet, The Light Beings, Egyptian Dieties, Ascended Masters, and others to connect and convey appropriate guidance, initiatory rites and rituals in order to transform and transcend for the soul’s advancement.

Her mission here, comes from many lifetimes onboard one of the Galactic Starfleets as an emissary to bring knowledge to those who desire to elevate throughout many planetary systems. As she learns about life here on planet Earth, so she brings this into other worlds. Laurie has also helped with unsolved murder and death cases over the years.

Laurie is the author of Oh, No! Not Another Learning Experience – a Metamorphosis. Drawn from both her personal and professional work, she shares the tough questions about our soul’s purpose, other lifetimes, Spirit Guides, Extraterrestrials, past lives and more, while attempting to answer the profound questions … what’s it all about? Presently she is working on a compilation of audio guided meditations and activity book for young people The Gateway of Discoveries – Activate the Real YOU.

Laurie Wheeler