The Stargate Experience – A Doorway to Other Dimensions

Experience for yourself a leading-edge device designed to assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness. The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway – a geometric structure that emits a powerful, high-vibrational energy field, an energy that can move participants into a deep meditative space within moments.

The Stargate’s unique sacred-geometric structure acts as an anchor for a higher dimensional, conscious energetic, which responds to individuals and groups in creating multi-dimensional experiences for those who meditate with it. In its high-energy field, participants are empowered to actually feel and connect with numerous benevolent guides and beings who are invited to join us.

On a Quantum level the Stargate works to re-activate an awareness of your own Quantum Self, your superconsciousness, as well as your multi-dimensional DNA. It is within your DNA that the mysteries of your greater Self are held. It holds the key to who you are, who you have been, your part and purpose in the Universal scheme and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit.

Stargate frequencies, without any effort on the part of those participating, can dissolve limiting Karma and assist in re-aligning energetics, in some cases creating physical healing,  in other cases, mental and emotional healing. It can create past-life remembering and re-activation of psychic abilities. 

Prageet Harris, an English, internationally known channel, has assisted people with spiritual growth for more than twenty-five years.  With the help of his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the original Stargate to assist groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self – the process of awakening.

The Stargate Experience consists of energy meditations guided by Alcazar, the Stargate’s guide, channeled through Prageet with soft background music. 

Move into deep meditation simply and easily in a matter of moments. Feel your personal vibration raising and become more sensitive to the energies. Actually feel the presence of benevolent Beings from ‘beyond the veil’, such as your guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Star Families such as the Pleiadians and Arcturians.

Prageet, an internationally known channel, has for over 30 years worked with his guide Alcazar and their creation, the Stargate – an interdimensional doorway facilitating healing on all levels, DNA reactivation, and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self.

Julieanne joined the Stargate project in 2012, and became a partner in the Stargate Experience after discovering a profound connection with the Stargate’s guide Alcazar, who has assisted her in accessing and teaching a source energy of self-healing and self-love known as The Essence of Life.

Together Prageet and Julieanne have shared The Stargate Experience with many thousands of people in different countries around the world.  

The Stargate Experience is currently based in Mount Shasta, California