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Adrian Vallera

Channeling and Activating Planetary Earth Grids Within You

Talk Description

Open and activate the lightworker within as you channel and download earth grids. Join Adrian Vallera as he guides your group through a unified channeling session. During this powerful activation, you will download DNA and light code symbols. Adrian will lead you through a guided meditation where you will tap into source essence and be able to decode and translate these symbols. Finally, you will discover three or more distinct markers or locations here on earth that are channeled for your lightwork revealing why that grid activation has come to you. You will leave this workshop with your divinely guided vision quest. By attending this workshop, you are channeling your true lightworker mission. There are no accidents, and no coincidences when you are present in this workshop


Adrian Vallera, a Los Angeles native, who started his career in the music industry as a concert promoter at the Whisky a Go Go and Roxy Theater on the Sunset strip. He worked with and discovered bands such as Linkin park, Incubus, System of a Down, Papa Roach and

Hoobastank, among others. Shortly after, became head of A&R at No Name Worldwide, Elektra records and Sony music.

Adrian Vallera, an avid UFO researcher, truth seeker and spiritual, healer has been practicing the healing arts before he actually begun schooling in his early 20s for massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure, cranial sacral, ear candling, and many other modalities. In the early 90s Adrian began channeling through Meditation other modalities such as energy and light work as well as crystal healing and activating planetary earth grinds.

Always exploring the ethereal realm and healing arts through meditation and conscious living. After a successful career in the music industry, Adrian received a transmission to start the DisclosureFest Foundation, a community and initiative based nonprofit platform whose sole purpose is to bring communities together by raising our vibrational frequency and consciousness. This would be done by hosting some of the biggest Mass Meditation events “The Mass Meditation Initiative” and transformational disclosure festivals in the world, as well as being of service to mother earth and those in need. With the help of volunteers, sponsors, and divine alignment, this has become a manifested reality.

The DisclosureFest Foundation now hosts a multitude of Initiatives year around, thought-out the United States. These include The Clean air Initiative, where our community gets together planting trees, restoring forests and  waterways and learning about native and invasive species of trees, bush and grass, The River ‘n Beach Cleanup Initiative is another community initiative where we go together and pick up our trash and rubbish from our beaches and rivers and learning about marine life and river habitat. The Feed our Souls Initiative, is one where we hold healing space for our neighboring homeless brothers and sisters as well as providing hygiene resources, showers, haircuts and clean clothes, jackets, and blankets. We bring our healing sanctuary, with meditation and yoga, body work, crystal healings, entertainment sound baths and help raise the frequency of deliberately suppressed areas!

2018 has been a tremendous year for the Foundation, but 2019 is looking even brighter. DisclosureFest is launching a new Initiative, The StarSeed Initiative, a children’s initiative geared towards visiting schools and youth community centers to bring yoga, meditation, sound healing, sustainability, composting and plant-based workshops, higher consciousness education and spirituality conscious activities. We are also starting The DisclosureFest Summer camp where our community children and parents can come and experience an uplifting, fun, well
rounded conscious experience.


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Oct 6, 201911:10AM11:50AMChanneling and Activating Planetary Earth Grids Within You