Arjan Kaur Gong Sound Healing

Arjan Kaur

Sacred Sound Journey

Talk Description

Arjan will be playing gong and other sound instruments throughout the weekend bringing forward amazing vibrations and activations.


Lin Marelic was gifted with the spiritual name Siri Erda Arjan Kaur and goes by the name Arjan or Arjan Lin. Music has always been a priority and motivating factor from early childhood. She has experienced profound influences including a near death drowning experience at 15, a personal blessing by Swami Satchidananda Saraswati at a meditation in Manhattan at age 19, and continued divine direction from Source following a fatal diagnosis of stage 3 esophageal cancer August 2005. She has been receiving downloads since 2005 and is directed to heal herself and others through the power of sound healing.

Swami Satchidananda has called music "the celestrial sound that controls the whole universe."

Lin was honored to have recorded her Chiron gong and Tibetan bowls for the finale of the feature film 'Misfortune' which won Best Film at the 2016 Arizona Film Festival and the Yellow Rose award at the 2016 Jaipur International Film Festival in India. The Yellow Rose award denotes the Best Film for an upcoming film with a world premier.

Arjan Lin has always had a deep musical connection but in 2005 had a personal experience with the profound, healing effects of sound vibration. Research proves that sound heals at the cellular level. She has been directed to help raise the vibration of each person and the planet through vibrational healing for over 10 years. Arjan Lin shares high vibrational sounds at events, ceremonies, festivals and in her sound healing private practice.


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Oct 5, 20199:30PM10:00PMSacred Sound Journey