Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb

Extraterrestrials & Their Compassion for Humanity and Earth

Talk Description

From Barbara Lamb’s 28 years of regressing people to the details of their extraterrestrial encounters, it is clear that many ET species communicate their concern for humans’ saving our planet and our species. She will give many examples of this concern and will illustrate some of the beings who have this concern.


Barbara Lamb is a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, and researcher of peoples' encounters with extraterrestrial beings of many different species and various agendas. Since 1991 she has regressed at least 2000 people to details of their extraterrestrial encounters, in a total of 2800 regressions. She has conducted an Experiencer Support Group in her home for 23 years and currently conducts one in San Diego, CA. She began the conducting of Experiencer Support Groups at major UFO conferences, and still does this at some conferences.
Barbara was given Lifetime Achievement Awards at the International UFO Congress and the Starworks USA conference and has lectured at many conferences in the U.S.and abroad, as well as giving many interviews.  She has co-authored three books: Crop Circles RevealedAlien Experiences, and Meet The Hybrids.


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Oct 6, 20193:50PM5:00PMExtraterrestrials & Their Compassion for Humanity and Earth