Chireya Fox

Chiraya Fox

Ancestral, Race & Galactic Memory

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Your hidden identity is far grander than any human parent dared imagine for their young. Why? What is at stake if humanity remembers our divine origins? And, what is your innate right as a co-creator with life to your own deep remembrance?

We have past lives, ancestral memory, race memory, and galactic history at our fingertips yet we don’t typically think to, or remember how to, access this. As Source Streaming Human Angels, this stream of knowledge and information is part of our decision making process while we are “in form” yet, when this is robbed from us through between-life memory erasures and a culture that worships false historical data, we find ourselves “fallen” into forgetfulness of our divine origins.

Learn the connection between ascension and memory as we delve deep into the waters of our truest, highest selves. We are re-membering our history as we put ourselves back together again to aspire higher into the knowledge that is ours by divine right.


Chiraya is an advocate of the Power of Love and a purveyor of transformative wisdom designed to assist people in stepping into their magnificence. Celebrities, CEOs, Global Changemakers, Visionaries, spiritual seekers, conscious professionals, and lightworkers seek Chireya’s wisdom, advice, and clear-seeing abilities as a Coach, Consultant, and Guide.

She bridges the Quantum pathways all the way from the spiritual dimensions down to the living earth realities we are currently experiencing, and thus is able to help people not only with their spiritual growth, but with creating grounded, practical, and successful businesses in support of their authentic purpose and mission in life.

Chireya has authored powerful books of foundational spiritual wisdom and comprehension, including Fall In Love with the Beloved Within, Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You, Codes of Union: Divine Mother Speaks, and Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development (available on The Central book of the Codes of Union Series Fall In Love with the Beloved Within, brings to the table the tools, insights, and empowering will to assist people everywhere in leaving behind the dust of old paradigm mentalities so they can truly step into their Magnificence with confidence, clarity and courage. Realizing a world of people empowered to live the truth of Source Within will change our planetary collective experience at a startlingly quick pace, Chiraya has dedicated her life to the transmission of this wisdom.

Thriving from three decades of dedicated experience and understanding of the inner workings of the mechanics of spirit, and with an aim to elicit into expression the profound beauty and gifts of each individual she encounters, Chiraya is a highly sought after Coach, Advisor, and Seer bringing innate intelligence, comprehension, and guidance to satisfied clients around the world.

An accomplished and highly valued speaker, Chiraya has presented hundreds of workshops, broadcasts, and talks that leave audiences grateful for the authentic truths they get to take home and call their own from then on. Now, Chiraya K. Fox is stepping in to deliver her works life in the form of workshops, retreats, books, her blog and vlog, social media, videos, audios, and public appearances.

Chiraya is Founder of Chiraya Dharma. She is formerly the founder of Pure Living Expo, co-producer of One Love Experience, and Founder of Divine Love Wisdom, with a mission to awaken humanity globally to the Power and Presence of their own inner Source and personal Magnificence, while empowering conscious leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs to “deliver the goods” they were born to share with an awakening planet.

A comedian, poet, and artist, Chiraya blends the sacred with humor and beauty to accomplish the goal of tickling souls into re-alignment with the Spark of Spirit which is eternal, effulgent, effervescent, and overflowing Love, Light, and Wisdom.


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Oct 4, 201910:00AM10:50AMAncestral, Race & Galactic Memory