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Kateria Typhani Manning is a California resident, and mother of two. She has been a student of astrology for over 22 years and has been practicing professionally for the last decade. Kateria studied under Ra'Akhu Ra D'Cozmophyxian, founder of Cozmophysics, who took her understanding of astrology to an advanced level. She teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced astrology, and is obtaining ministerial degrees, a Master's in Metaphysics, and a Doctorate in Parapsychology.

Ever since she discovered astrology at a tender age, Kateria was absolutely fascinated! She devoured every astrology book she found. Kateria was intrigued by the way people acted and wanted to know why her personality was so different from others and why certain personalities clicked, while still others didn't. Astrology was the holder of the key.

Kateria uses both the Tropical Zodiac and also the Sidereal charts. She specializes in life path and purpose, health and wellness, natal/birth charts, compatibility and relationships, predictive astrology and more, which allows her to operate as a spiritual life coach. Kateria interprets the messages from Spirit and the Universe and conveys them to her clients.

Astrology is the study of Heaven's influence upon the Earth. A knower of it leads a life of a heavenly existence. -Kateria


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