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Phil Gruber is a much-loved and highly respected speaker, autoharpist and healing facilitator.  His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence has made him an in-demand speaker the world over.  He is an acknowledged authority on a wide range of subjects, among them Sacred Geometry and Light Language, The Enduring Enigma of the Indigo Children, The Healing and Clearing of the Shadow, The Master Key, The Magdalenes and the Resurrection of Eve, Advanced Healing Systems, The Structure of Higher Worlds, The Origin and Destiny of Humanity, The Key to the True Eck-A-Sha, and an ever-expending repertoire of fascinating subjects.
Phil has been featured in such films as "The Indigo Evolution" and "Metaphysia 2012".  He has spoken at the United Nations on several occasions, is co-author, with James F. Twyman of the international best-seller "The Kabbalah Code".
His collaboration with Laraaji entitled "The Song of Indra", is a testimony to the transcendent magic created by two souls playing two autoharps in a perfect space and in perfect synchrony.
Phil feels privileged and honored to have been invited to present this year at The Portal to Ascension Conference.  Special thanks to Neil Gaur, Alan Steinfeld and Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak for their continued love and support.


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