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Rey Hernandez

Academic Research on UFO related Contact

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The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation (FREE) is a 501c3 Academic Research Not for Profit Foundation comprised of 15 Ph.D. academics and lay investigators. The Executive Director is Dr. Rudy Schild, an Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University and the late Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell was one of FREE’s four co-founders. FREE is not a Ufology organization but one whose primary focus is to understand the relationship between Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) via the Contact Modalities. Over the last 5 years, FREE has conducted the world’s first comprehensive multi-national and multi-language academic research study on UFO Contact Experiencers which resulted in over 6,000 participants from over 125 countries.

My lecture will present two topics. First, I will present our research data from our English language survey which contradicts much of what is circulating in the field of Ufology. Secondly, the many academics and lay investigators of the FREE organization hypothesize that all types of Contact with NHI via what we are calling the “Contact Modalities” (contact via UAP Contact, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, Channeling, communications with ghosts/spirits, Hallucinogenic Shamanic Journeys, Telepathic Contact, sightings of Orbs, PSI, and other types of “Paranormal” Contact with NHI) is actually ONE PHENOMENON and should not be studied separately. We call all of the ways that humans have pierced the veil and have had contact with NHI the “CONTACT MODALITIES”. We also affirm that the key to begin to understand the Contact Modalities with NHI is “Non-Local Consciousness” — how we as humans interact with Non-Human Intelligence in our multi-dimensional holographic informational cosmological reality. The “Experiencers” of these types of phenomena are the “Key” to discover what in fact is “Consciousness” and our Multi-Dimensional Reality.


Rey is one of the 4 co-founders of The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences, or FREE, and one of the 2 co-chairs of the FREE Experiencer Research Committee. Rey is currently employed as an Estate Tax Attorney with the US Dept of Treasury. He previously was an Adjunct Professor for six years at the New School for Social Research and at the City University of New York. He graduated with honors from Rutgers College, was a Masters Candidate at Cornell University and was a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of California at Berkeley in City and Regional Planning where he was the recipient of a National Science Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship. While writing his Ph.D. dissertation, Rey’s ex-wife had a brain aneurysm and he was never able to complete his dissertation. Previous to March of 2012, Rey had zero interest in Consciousness, UAPs, the paranormal, or non-human intelligence. Beginning in March of 2012, Rey, his wife, and daughter began to have conscious physical contact with non-human intelligence in their family home, a series of paranormal experiences and have seen large UAPs, one time for more than 45 minutes, at a distance of less than 30 feet. Rey now devotes an extensive part of his life to understanding the true nature of our reality and writing academic articles for FREE. He has lectured internationally on the topics of Consciousness, UFO Contact with Non Human Intelligence, NDEs, OBEs, and the Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness.


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