Phyllis Vos Douglas

Vox Angelus

Angelical Language Sound Healing

Talk Description

Vox Angelus is a direct conduit for Source. When she sings and speaks in her Angelical (Adamic) Language, her vocalizations serve as the carrier wave for ancient codes and frequencies transmitted from Source, and telepathically from otherworld beings, as an intelligent force for the healing and spiritual transfiguration of humanity.

When listened to, these ancient codes and frequencies are translated and assimilated on a cellular, DNA level, to energetically clear imbalances, trauma, negative patterns, beliefs, and influences; and transmit energetic frequencies, light, and information.

Event participants frequently experience elevated states of consciousness, physical healing and emotional releases, connect with guides, Angels, and loved ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, or spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released, and blocked energy begins to flow. They are left with an encompassing feeling of love and wellbeing.


VOX ANGELUS (Phyllis Douglass) is a Vocal Alchemist and Musician, who weaves divinely inspired vocals with indigenous and sacred instruments to create transformative and etheric soundscapes.


DateStartEndEvent Name
Oct 4, 20193:25PM3:45PMAngelical Language Sound Healing