As a pure conduit for the Elohim, Phyllis Anne Douglass facilitates the “Path of the UNDOING” using energy, frequency, and vibration. Her ability to create multidimensional pathways and access points, allows those who choose to let go and desire to move forward, to access their true divine and infinite nature from within.

When people hear Phyllis speak and sing in the Angelical Adamic Language of Light, the ancient codes and frequencies that flow through her in an embodied state, are translated and assimilated on an energetic, cellular, and DNA level, to ‘undo’ the web woven of our inner narratives, stories and beliefs that are not aligned with our spiritual nature, truth, path and purpose.

Surrounded by Angels since she was a little girl, Phyllis has always experienced them as guides, teachers, and protectors. She sings, speaks, writes, and transmits the frequency encoded language of the Elohim into sound, energy, and etheric constructs that she is then capable of shifting into physical manifestation.

Through the power of thought, and her ability to see the creative construct of all that has taken form, she creates access points for healing, transformation, and spiritual transfiguration.